Support for Under 18s

Support & advice students under the age of 18

Royal Holloway University of London generally enrols students who have reached the age of majority and so are able to independently enter into adult agreements.  When a student is below that age, we need to outline areas that must be communicated to the student and the parent / guardian for them to be able to study here.

We are confident that the Academic School and the Wellbeing teams will be able to offer the student any guidance needed for normal situations.  However, the University would like to make sure that in the event of any emergency or problem, the student knows who to contact for help. The University has identified the following central professional services staff who are aware of the student's status as a minor; who will treat anything told to them with discretion and sensitivity and who will make addressing any difficulties the student is having a matter of priority.  Please do not hesitate to contact them over anything that is troubling you.

  • Helen Groenendaal, Head of Wellbeing Department   
  • Lucy Cox, Head of Support & Guidance, Wellbeing Department
  • Julie Wright, Head of Disability & Neurodiversity, Wellbeing Department
  • Tom Pease, Head of International & Money Advice, Wellbeing Department 
  • Pat Simpson, Head of Counselling, Wellbeing Department

In an emergency or out of working hours you should call the University Security office (01784 443063) who will contact the relevant person.

Parent / Guardian authorisation from

All applicants who will be under the age of 18 at the commencement of their studies will be sent this authorisation form which should be completed and returned prior to arrival.  This form will also need to be signed by the parent / legal guardian.  These forms remain on file until the student turns 18 and are then deleted. All students who enrol will be contacted in their first term by a member of the Wellbeing team and invited to meet with them to give them an overview of our support services and to answer any questions they may have.

Completed forms should be emailed to the Wellbeing department. 

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