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Build your employability with CVstac


Prepare for the world of work from day one

Research shows that there are 12 key meta-skills you can develop to thrive in the modern workforce.

CVstac will help you actively develop each skill throughout your time at university, support you with the evidence to prove you have them, and help you translate these skills into stand out statements, using language employers will recognise. Before you graduate, you'll have developed 12 such statements - one for each meta-skill. This is your unique personalised employability profile, or CVstac!

These 12 meta-skills are high order skills that everyone needs to succeed.

They are based on research and are the lynchpin of the modern workforce. Here at Royal Holloway, we will support you to develop them through everything you do inside and outside the classroom.


There are many ways that you can build your employability and gain the 12 meta-skills whilst at Royal Holloway, for example through:

To find out more about how you can begin to develop each of the 12 CVstac skills, visit the CVstac Moodle page here.

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