Jan 05 2018

You’ve asked for secure 24 hour access through the back gate, and in consultation with the Students’ Union, we’re pleased to be able to make this change for you. Whether you’re heading home from a night out, a late shift working on campus or a late night in the Library, we know that this change will make a big difference to you.

From Sunday 7 January, for a trial period, you now have secure 24 hour access through the back gate. The gate has a swipe card system which will allow 24 hour access for authorised students and staff only.

We work hard to improve the quality of life for all students on and off campus, but it’s important to remember our neighbours too. Our relationship with the local community is an important one; we trust that all students will continue to act respectfully and sensibly, when using this access route. We will be monitoring the impact of these changes throughout the trial period. If the impact, on our neighbours, is too high we will be forced to review this decision.