Mar 01 2019

University Mental Health Day takes place on Thursday 7 March and to highlight the event, our Student Advisory and Wellbeing team are putting on a whole week of events to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. This year’s activities are all about the power of using your voice and so we’ll be encouraging students and staff to talk about mental health and wellbeing, take action to look after ourselves and others and continue to create change that will shape the future of mental health support and awareness. 

The main aim of University Mental Health Day is to:

  • Improve both student and staff awareness of support and promote a sense of belonging
  • Improve the general understanding of the role the environment and community can play in protecting student and staff mental health
  • Raise awareness of the different challenges students and staff may face with regards to support for their mental health.

What's on?

  • Tuesday 5 March, 1.30-3pm: Dealing with exam anxiety workshopFind out more
  • Wednesday 6 March, from 12-4pm outside the Davison Building: Caravan Theatre presents ‘The Time of your Life’, a 10-minute performance which tackles mental health at university. Discover more
  • Thursday 7 March:  Health and Wellbeing Roadshow. Discover more below
  • Friday 8 March, 1pm and 2.30pm: Motivation workshop with life coach, James Banfield. Find out more.

Health and Wellbeing Roadshow, Thursday 7 March

Throughout the course of the day, there will be various different pop-up activities taking place across campus including:

  • Come and meet the teams from Student Advisory & Wellbeing, Human Resources, Active Lifestyle & Sport, the Students’ Union and the Mental Health Network  to talk to you about any issue related to mental health and wellbeing in the Davison Building from 12.30-4pm
  • Free 15-minute complementary massage therapist sessions for both students and staff
  • Meditation mandala colouring session: therapeutic colouring for students and staff
  • Free Nidra yoga session open to students and staff of all ages and physical abilities (adaptations can be made as required)
  • Mindapples – Mindapples are day-to-day activities that are good for your mind. We’ll be encouraging people to fill in their 5-a–day Mindapples on ‘applecards’ to add to our tree and help spread positive messages about looking after our minds
  • Active Lifestyle & Sport will be running free activities on the day to demonstrate activities which can positively impact on your mental health. Check out their Facebook page for updates.

Find out more about University Mental Health Day