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Music practice spaces at Royal Holloway

Your guide to Department of Music Practice Spaces


The Department of Music has 27 dedicated spaces for the purposes of music practice and teaching, 16 of which are open spaces for practice purposes for those enrolled onto a music degree. This page is designed to cover all matters concerning the Woodlands Buildings and Engineer’s Cottage, our dedicated teaching and practice room buildings as part of the Department of Music.

Where are they?

Woodlands Building is situated a short walk from the Wettons Terrace, opposite Car Park 14, and Engineer’s Cottage is situated in the Boilerhouse complex. A full campus map can be found here. As students enrolled on our music courses, you have automatic access to these buildings for practice purposes and for your instrumental and/or vocal lessons. Students not enrolled onto a music degree are not granted access to these spaces.

What rooms do we have?

We have 22 dedicated spaces for the purposes of music practice and teaching, 13 of which are open spaces for practice purposes:

  • The following rooms are home to a mixture of upright and grand pianos: Woodlands Building Rooms 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13; Woodlands Cottage Room 00-1, 1-02, and 1-03.
  • The following rooms are open spaces for solo instrumental or small chamber rehearsal (no keyboard): Woodlands Building Rooms 15, and 16; Woodlands Cottage Room 1-01.

We also have seven specialism-specific spaces:

  • Woodlands Room 1 hosts our Early Music instrument collection, our double basses (College and student owned) and harps. Please contact if you require access.
  • Woodlands Room 2, 3 and 4 are dedicated spaces for piano teaching, performance seminars and for the practice needs of Solo Performance students (MU2210, MU3393 and Postgraduate Taught). Students who are granted access to this space will be/have been contacted.
  • The Postgraduate Rehearsal Room situated in Woodlands Cottage 0-03 can be accessed by postgraduate students requiring a private space. Please contact if you require access.
  • Engineer’s Cottage is situated within the Boilerhouse complex towards the south of campus.  Here you will find 4 rehearsal spaces; our dedicated Percussion Suite, a small rehearsal room and two practice rooms equipped with Boston / Yamaha upright pianos. For 2020 onwards, this space is open and bookable only to the following specialisms: percussion, jazz, musical theatres and popular music. Please contact if you require access.

When can I access these spaces?

The Woodlands Building and Engineer’s Cottage are open to students from 06:00am – 0:00am, 7 days a week. Access applies throughout the academic year and stops on the expiration date of your student card. Any access issues to the buildings should be forwarded to in the first instance, or outside of Concert Office opening hours.   

New students can gain access to the buildings from 06:00am on Monday, 28 September 2020.  

Room bookings

To ensure the safety of yourself and others and to best manage our spaces, the Department of Music has implemented room booking system fro students to be able to book up to 90-minutes per day for their own personal music practice.

You must have a confirmed booking for the room you are using ro intend to use, via Resource Booker, to help us track and trace individuals using our spaces.

CLICK HERE to visit Resource Booker and book your music practice room now. 

Please ensure you read our Social Distancing: Music Practice - The Numbers Guide to find out about a maximum capacities in our spaces. Capacities will also be clearly displayed in each room. 

Have a question?

Haven't found what you are looking for? Have a question about room bookings? Please contact to find out more. 

Practice Room Policy of Use

In each of our practice/teaching spaces you will see a copy of our Practice Room Policy of Use. Familiarise yourself with the information presented. This policy outlines important information to ensure the well keeping of our rooms and our instruments collections. Please respect our spaces.

Royal Holloway is honoured to be one of only 22 UK institutions to hold the title as an All-Steinway Institution, and the maintenance of our instruments is not only important to the Department but to the wider College. Our Performance Manager, not only manages all the practice or performance spaces at the university but the many instruments we house and/or own. Correct treatment of our instruments is imperative when using our rooms, therefore please read the policy carefully regarding this.

If there are any issues regarding our rooms or its contents, please contact directly in the first instance.

Music Stands

Music Practice - Music stands - Sign

Protective screens for music performance

Music Practice - Protect yourself - Sign

Not a music student?

Unfortunately, we do not have any practice rooms at the Department of Music which are available to non-music students at present. 


There are music practice rooms available in the Williams’ Annexe (situated behind the Computer Centre; link to campus map embedded) specifically for non-music students. These single person rooms are open 8.00am-8.00pm, 7 days a week. 

To access a space, please note the following:

  • Rooms to be single person use only, and strictly not for band or group practice;
  • Use your own instrument and music stand (each room will be equipped with a piano and a chair);
  • Rooms can only be used between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week;
  • Visit the Security Office on the ground floor of Founder's East, next to the Visitor's Centre. Here they will record your name and a preferred contact number and will need to see your student College card;
  • If you have any general or maintenance queries about the music practice rooms in Williams' Annexe, please contact

Music practice & social distancing 

Royal Holloway University of London is open with social distancing measures in place for individual music-making, one-to-one teaching and opportunities for students to receive world-class performance opportunities.  

For the safety of yourself and others, for the foreseeable future we have implemented various guidelines and resources to ensure you can still practice and rehearse safely in one of our buildings: Woodlands Building, Woodlands Cottage and Engineers Cottage. It is important that you adhere to social distancing guidelines within any of our music practice spaces.  

The Department of Music has also mitigated unnecessary contact between individuals by implementing the following guidance and resources:   

Social distancing floor maps

Each music practice space is mapped out with blue 3-metre floor markings, although dependent on the activity, 2-metre social distancing may be implemented. Please refer to the advertised floor map displayed in a given room for advised 2-metre social distancing (marked in green).   

Room bookings

Booking of practice rooms to be made online via Resource Booker to ensure “contact-free” bookings. All students and staff must have a confirmed booking before entering a room, to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Facilities staff to patrol the building to ensure the correct use of practice rooms. 

Specialism-specific rooms

We have implemented a number of specialism specific spaces for practice purposes to reduce unnecessary contact between individuals:

  • Woodlands Room 1 is allocated to double bass and historic performance students only;
  • Woodlands Rooms 2, 3, and 4 are allocated to keyboard students enrolled onto MU2201, MU3393 and MU5539 only;
  • Woodlands Cottage 0-02 and Engineers Cottage Room 0-01 are allocated to percussion students only;
  • Engineers Cottage 0-02, 0-04, and 0-05 are allocated to jazz, musical theatre and popular music students only;
  • Woodlands Cottage 0-03 is allocated to postgraduate performance students only.  

Try as much as possible to use rooms designated for single occupancy. Room capacities will also be displayed in each room.   


For full information about music practice spaces, available protective equipment and social distancing, please refer to our Music Performance at Royal Holloway: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A Guide on Moodle and Student Intranet or contact

Our guidance  

Please ensure you fully read and understand our guidance on safe music practice at Royal Holloway:

Social distancing in music practice spaces

Each music practice space is mapped out with blue 3-metre floor markings, although dependent on the activity, 2-metre social distancing may be implemented. Please refer to the advertised floor map displayed in a given room for advised 2-metre social distancing (marked in green).

Maximum capacities are listed in each room and here:

Music performance & Coronavirus (COVID-19): A guide

On this page you will find College-wide Health and Safety Principles, plus a dedicated outline as to how music performance will work for the foreseeable future (including Public events, Solo instrumental activity, Small music group activity, Large music group activity, Singing, and Instrumental and vocal lessons) plus our comprehensive Music practice COVID-19 Risk Assessment and information about our Concert Office and music performance general queries.

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