Student Advisory & Wellbeing

Details of the advisory & wellbeing teams who are here to support you at Royal Holloway 

Student Advisory & Wellbeing Department

Our Student Advisory & Wellbeing teams provide assistance and guidance to students about their wellbeing and university life including support and reasonable adjustments to manage your own educational and personal progression.  Our specialist staff are pleased to talk to all students and staff about any issue relating to student support and wellbeing.  

All our teams are commited to supporting you in being successful in your academic studies, personal development and to empower you to make the most of your time at university.  We encourage students to talk to us for advice and guidance at the earliest opportunity to prevent an issue becoming overwhelming.  

  • Helen Groenendaal, Head of Student Advisory & Wellbeing & Student Conduct Officer.

Here are further details of our staff teams, contact details and an overview of the areas of wellbeing support and advice they provide for students  

Clinical Mental Health (Primary Care)

The Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner team provide mental healthcare to students who require support in primary care, and form, with the NHS GP Surgery a common point of entry for triage, assessment and referral (where needed) onto specialist mental health services.

Contact the team for advice and support and, if appropriate, to book a mental health triage appointment.  

  • Jane Gittins, Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner
  • Emma Smart, Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner 

View their student intranet page for more information. 

Disability & Dyslexia Services 

The Disability & Dyslexia Services team support dyslexic students, disabled students, students with a mental health conditon and those with a chronic (12+ months) medical conditions and work to remove any barriers enabling them to achive their full academic and social potential. 

Contact the team for advice and support.

The team hold Zoom virtual drop-ins for students each day between 11am - 2pm.

  • Julie Wright, Head of Disability & Dyslexia Services
  • Jackie Knowles, Academic Adviser
  • Mona Khatibshahidi, Academic Adviser
  • Fiona Lambie, Study Skills Tutor
  • Bethany Gale, Mental Health Adviser & Specialist Mentor
  • Susan Jewitt, Disability & Dyslexia Adviser
  • Emilie Titterrell, Disability & Dyslexia Adviser
  • Nickie Webb, Disability & Dyslexia Adviser
  • Fenella Attwell, Disability & Dyslexia Services Administrator 
  • Plus a team of Specialist Mentors & Student Helpers

View their student intranet pages for more information.

Financial Wellbeing 

The Financial Wellbeing team aim to ensure a students' time at university is as financially stress-free as possible. They provide budgeting advice and can provide funding assistance through the Study Support Grant.

Contact the team for advice and support.

  • Tina Barnard, Student Financial Advice Manager
  • Charlene Dawkins, Student Financial Adviser

View their student intranet pages for more information.

International Student Support

The International Student Support team give students advice on visa issues and support international students' integration into study and life in the UK.

Contact the team for advice and support.

  • Denise Keable, Head of International Support & Inclusivity
  • Robert Young, International Student Adviser
  • Amanda Ellis, International Funding Co-ordinator
  • Nicole Young, International Funding Co-ordinator (on maternity leave)
  • Szu Ho, International Student Support Assistant

View their student intranet pages for more information.

Multifaith Chaplaincy

The Multifaith Chaplaincy team aim to model inclusion on campus and the Chaplains work together to support spiritual and religious development.  They are happy to offer a listening ear to anyone in need - whether you have a religious belief or not.

Contact the team for advice and support.

  • Revd. Dr. Orion Edgar, Anglican Chaplain
  • Fr. John Dickson, Catholic Chaplain
  • Nisar Shaikh, Muslim Chaplain
  • Jackie Barber, Multifaith Chaplaincy & Weddings Co-ordinator

View their student intranet pages for more information.

Student Counselling

The Student Counselling team provide students with the chance to talk about personal and emotional concerns in a friendly, non-judgmental and confidential setting.

Contact the team for advice and support.

  • Pat Simpson, Head of Student Counselling
  • Dee Raja, Student Counsellor / Supervisor
  • Kenny Aruwa, Counselling Caseworker
  • Jenny Chivers, Counselling Caseworker
  • Karen Macmillan, Counselling Caseworker 
  • Nicky Rodgers, Counselling Caseworker
  • Victoria Turton-Blyth, Counselling Casworker
  • Helen Beaumont, Counselling Co-ordinator (job share; Mon-Wed)
  • Faiza Akram, Counselling Co-ordinator (job share, Wed-Fri) 

View their student intranet pages for more information.

Student Wellbeing 

The Student Wellbeing triage team offer wellbeing advice and guidance to students to support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which will enable you to make the most of your Royal Holloway experience. They also oversee the Be a Good Neighbour campaign supporting students living in the local community.

Contact the team for support and advice. 

The team hold Zoom virtual drop in sessions between 11:00am - 2:00pm each weekday

  • Lee Fellows, Head of Student Wellbeing
  • Kate Corti, Wellbeing Adviser
  • Susan Eastburn, Wellbeing Adviser
  • Emma Stanley, Wellbeing Adviser
  • Vacancy, Community Support Co-ordinator
  • Liz Hudson, Phil Simcock, Carolyne Wishart, David Hannaby, Community Wellbeing Advisers

View their student intranet pages for more information.


Contact Student Advisory & Wellbeing

You can make direct contact with any of our teams through the team email mailbox or if you are uncertain which service you need please email the central Supporting You at Royal Holloway mailbox. 

Staff requests for advice, training or copies of our publications should be directed to the department senior team.   

You can find details of our revised operations during the government restriction period (COVID-19) at the top of the 2020 / 2021 student information hub.  All services remain contactable by email, MS Teams and Skype and appointments are via MS Teams. 

April 2021: The teams are now back on campus with members of each team available on campus each weekday.  We can discuss the availability of face-to-face appointments on a case by case basis.  Face to face appointments when agreed will be held in a socially distanced way with face coverings worn unless an exemption applies.  

We operate a student helpdesk for all general enquiries and signposting between the hours of 10am - 2pm during term time in Founder's East, room 140.  Unfortunately this is currently not available due to social distancing measures and Government restrictions. 

Feedback on Student Advisory & Wellbeing services 

We welcome feedback from students and staff on our services to help us continually advance and develop.  

Please complete our online feedback form to help us best support you at Royal Holloway




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