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Communal living and Misconduct

On this page you will find all the important information on communal living, advice and misconduct

Communal living, advice and misconduct


Respecting others and following the rules is an important part of living in Halls. You can find some documents below on information regarding discipline and misconduct and advice to help you deal with communal living issues you may encounter.


Discipline and misconduct

We want you to have a good time living in Halls, but there are a few rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. 

You can view the Halls discipline and misconduct documents here.

Advice for living in Halls

Living in Halls is an exciting experience that comes with attending university. However, it's a new experience that can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

You can view our document on advice for living in Halls here.

Tips on resolving conflict in Halls

A big part of living in Halls is being able to deal with conflicts that may arise amongst you and your flatmates. This is an important part of communal living.

You can view the document on how to resolve conflict in Halls here.

Community Bond

Living in Halls can be a fun experience and it's always ideal to get along with others. Setting some ground rules may go a long way to keeping the peace. Below is a document to help you write up some ground rules that you and your flatmates can stick to in your Halls.

You can view our community bond document here.

Cleaning rota for Halls

Cleaning you flat, kitchens and living spaces are an important part of communal living. It's important everyone sticks to the rota and does their share of tidying and cleaning.

You can view the cleaning rota's here.

Controlling condensation in your home

When the weather starts getting warmer and temperature's rise condensation can build up in rooms. This can have serious impacts on the room you are living in and can lead to damage you may be charged for.  

You can view the document for how to control condensation here.


Guide to Living in Halls

For more information on all things Hall Life you can view our guide to living in Halls here.


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