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First-year courses 2019-20

Modern Languages

ML1000 Critical Analysis for Linguists

ML1400 Introduction to Translation:  Professional Skills


FR1601 French Ab Initio Written I

FR1602 French Ab Initio Oral I

FR1701 French Advanced Written I

FR1702 French Advanced Oral I

FR1400 Frch Language: Culture and Translation

FR1105 The Visual Image in French Culture and Society

FR1112 The Individual and Society Key Works


GM1601 German Ab Initio Written I

GM1602 German Ab Initio Oal I

GM1701 German Advanced Written I

GM1702 German Advanced Oral I

GM1122 German History and Culture 

GM1400 German Language: Culture and Translation

GM1120 Introduction to German Studies

Hispanic Studies
SN1601 Spanish Ab Initio Written I

SN1602 Spanish Ab Initio Oral I

SN1701 Spanish Advanced Written I

SN1702 Spanish Advanced Oral I

SN1400 Spanish Language: Culture and Translation

SN1105 Culture and Identity in Latin America

SN1109 Comparative Hispanic Culture

IT1601 Italian Ab Initio Written I

IT1602 Italian Ab Initio Oral I

IT1701 Italian Advanced Written I

IT1702 Italian Advanced Oral I

IT1400 Italian Language: Culture and Translation

IT1230 Politics, Religion, and Love: the Italian Three Crowns (Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio)

IT1950 Building the Italian Nation

Comparative Literature and Culture (CLC)
ML1101 International Film 1: Contexts and Practices

ML1203 Reading Texts: Criticism for Comparative Literature

ML1204 Tales of the City: Introduction to Thematic Analysis

ML1102 The Birth of Film

ML1301 Visual Arts 1: An Introduction to Visual Media

Liberal Arts
LA 1000 Cultural Encounters 

Second-year courses 2019-20

CLC Year 2 Preregistration Form 2019-20

Mod Langs Year 2 Preregistration Form 2019-20

Year 2 Course Descriptions 2019-20


FR2410 Advanced French Translation
FR2009 Pratique du français II
FR2010 Intensive French for Beginners II 
FR2102 Writing Romance and Desire
FR2106 Cinema in France
FR2107 The Illustrated Text in France
ML2205 A Special Theme in the Novel: Transgressions

GM2009 German Language II
GM2010 Intensive German Beginners II
GM2122 Death, Desire, Decline: Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka 
GM2400 Advanced German Translation
GM2124 Representations of Childhood and Youth in Modern German Culture

Hispanic Studies
SN2001 Spanish II
SN2010 Intensive Spanish II
SN2400 Advanced Spanish Translation
SN2118 Religion and Society in the 16th and 17th Century Hispanic World
SN2122 Rebels, Revolution & Rebellion in Latin America
ML2205 A Special Theme in the Novel: Transgression

IT2000 Advanced Italian II for Post Beginners
IT2050 Advanced Italian II 
IT2340 Postwar Italian Cinema: the Auteur tradition
IT2400 Art and Literature in Renaissance Florence 
IT2840 Italian Crime Fiction

ML2101 International Film II: Readings and Representations
ML2205 A Special Theme in the Novel: Transgressions
ML2206 Histories of Representation
ML2207 Critical and Comparative Approaches
ML2302 Visual Arts 2: Genres and Movements
ML2403 Gender and Clothing in Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture  

Liberal Arts
LA2000 Power and Dissent 

Final-year courses 2019-20

Final-Year Modern Languages and Translation Studies Course Choice Form

Final-Year CLC Course Choice Form

Final-Year Course Descriptions 2019-20

Modern Languages

ML3003 Modern Languages Full-Unit Dissertation

FR3003 Advanced Translating Skills
FR3009 Pratique du français III

FR3112 Image, Identity and Consumer Culture in Post-War Fiction and Film
FR3114 Ethics and Violence: Murder, Suicide and Genocide in Literature and Film 
FR3119 French Final Year dissertation
FR3120 Wanton Women: Artists and Writers of the French Avant-Garde
FR3126 Redefining the Erotic


GM3009 German Language III
GM3129 German Dissertation
GM3131 Narrative and Identity: The German Novel 
GM3133 Dark Tales. E.T.A. Hoffmann and German Romanticism
GM3134 National Socialism and the Third Reich in German film and visual culture from 1933 to the present

Hispanic Studies 
SN3001 Spanish III
SN3002 Advanced Literary Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish
SN3108 5,000 Word dissertation 
SN3111 Contemporary Mexican Cinema
SN3122 Horror Cinema in the Hispanic World
SN3121 Devotion, Deceit, Desire: Literature of the Spanish Golden Age
ML3204 The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Literature

IT3009 Advanced Italian III
IT3230 Dante – The Divine Comedy
IT3860 Shooting History: Dictatorship, Terror and Crime in Italian Film  
IT3430 Of Women, Knights, Weapons and Loves: The Italian Chivalric Tradition
IT3980 Italian Fashion and Design

ML3202 From Aestheticism to the Avant-Garde 

ML3202 From Aestheticism to the Avant-Garde 
ML3204 The Gothic Mode in Spanish and English Literature
ML3207 Transnationalism, Diaspora and Globalization in Contemporary Film 
ML3208 Research-led 5000-word comparative dissertation on your choice of topic 
ML3214 CLC Comparative Dissertation (Full Unit)
ML3211 Visual Arts research-led 5000-word dissertation on your choice of topic
ML3212 Humans and Other Animals in Twenty-First Century Fiction and Thought
ML3308 Research-led 5,000-word International Film dissertation on your choice of topic